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GRIND MIND is a collective of friends and fiends dedicated to summoning horror in Newfoundland and Labrador. Through film, events, and community collaborations our mission is to foster open and inclusive filmmaking while establishing our fog-covered island as a premier genre destination in Canada and beyond.

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Image by Krakograff Textures

Meet the Skeleton Crew


Co-founder, Director

Shane Mills

Shane is a filmmaker relentlessly making horror in Newfoundland and Labrador. Since 2017 he’s directed, shot, edited and produced 30+ genre projects. Currently, he's directing the docuseries 'HAG' and serves as both the Executive Director of FOGFEST, and the art director of Rue Morgue Magazine.


Co-founder, Special FX Artist

Justin Wiseman

Whether it’s testing out the splatter of seven types of blood, or creating a creature from the bones up. An artist and lover of practical effects, Justin believes in authentic scares over green screens. Having done special effects design, application and makeup in over 30 short films and television shows his passion bleeds into everything he does.


Writer/Actor, Script Supervisor

Paul Warford

Paul is a professional comedian and writer. He is an original member of GRIND MIND and has appeared in dozens of their movies. When the team is filming, if Paul isn't on-camera he's usually assisting with script editing, continuity, or whatever else the GRIND needs. Paul is Morgul/Morgul is Paul.


Co-founder, Screenwriter

Francois Van Zyl

Francois Van Zyl is a Canadian screenwriter and fiction writer. His work spans multiple genres including horror, police procedurals and literary fiction. He has written over 30 short films including Mummering Legends and If Not to Die and is a co-founder of GRIND MIND INC. 


Co-founder, Sound Designer/Music Supervisor

John Carter

John Carter is a musician, sound designer and film programmer. He has worked in the sound department on numerous short films and commercials. He also serves as the Program Director for FogFest Film Festival where he is able to express and share his love for independent low budget horror.


Tech Officer, Sound Recordist

Blair Elliott

Blair Elliott has been a part of the Grind Mind crew since early 2019; On set he is our resident sound recordist and boom operator, but is willing to lend a hand on anything and to everyone. Off set he plays Bass and Drums, collects vinyl records, is a huge baseball fan (GO JAYS GO), and has worked in the IT industry for too long. Thumbs up!!

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